Learn how to fight the electric motor bearing problems

The electric motor suffers a lot with problems in their bearings. To combat this, it is important that the electric motor bearings undergo a periodic inspection,Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys as well the electric motor will be free of noise, vibration and lubrication system will always be on time.

It is essential to let the free electric motor noise and vibration, as these problems indicate that the electric motor is spending more energy and that we need to change or improve lubrication of the electric motor.


In the electric motor bearings can be relubricated, attention should always be about the time intervals, the amount and type of grease used, it must be specified by the manufacturer.

It is not recommended to mix grease, as this may cause the motor will deteriorate with each passing day. The lack of grease or excess grease can cause the electric motor to operate always overheated and this will reduce the life of the bearing.

Electrical contacts comprising the electric motor

Understand the importance of electrical contacts comprising the electric motor

The electrical contacts consist of electromagnetic switches that operate opening and closing and so the matches and the electric motor enclosed reelcraft 5635 stops in general.

All electric motor circuits must be sized, but the most important is to scale the main electrical contactors, as they carry out maneuvers on and off the electric motor when it is at full load.

When the main electrical contactor of the electric motor is wrongly dimensioned, the result will be a high loss as this may burn the coil of the electric motor, merge the contacts so that the electric motor burn, burn the circuit driven by heating, or losing the contactor and the electric motor.

The design procedure of electric motor electrical contactors is simple and the contactor must be composed of coils, key contacts, auxiliary contacts, spring and magnetic core.

Understand the electric motor three-phase

Understand why the electric motor three-phase induction is the most used in Brazil

According to the Operational Guide to Electric Motor, the electric motor of three-phase induction is what is in greater numbers in the electric motors market, since they have a number of significant advantages over the electric motor DC.

By comparing the electric motor of direct current electric motor with three-phase induction it is indicated that the cost of the second electric motor is better; their maintenance is also simpler to perform and much cheaper; the three-phase induction electric motor does not spend much energy so as to accelerate and to stop the three-phase induction motor has higher velocities can be easily achieved.

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However, the electric induction motor has a speed variation range of the limited electric motor, it is controlled directly by varying the stator voltage suffers.

Learn how you measure the length and height of the electric motor

The construction of the electric motor should follow the rules that determine how the electric motor should be built, how much should have its dimensions, its protection, power and other aspects.


The NBR 15623 is the standard that standardizes the spindle dimensions and fixing by electric motor flanges and feet, but beyond the Brazilian standard is still adhering to international standard IEC 60072.

The height and length of the housing are the dimensions that is important to identify the electric motor model. The electric motor height is defined as the distance from the underside of the feet to the center of the electric motor shaft.

Since the electric motor length is measured between the distance of the mounting holes of the front and rear feet. For the same time the electric motor can be up to three different lengths that are represented by the letters S, M and L that comes from English and means short, medium and long.

Electric Motor Operating Principle

The operating principle of the electric motors is based on electromagnetism structure. This machine has undergone constant evolution since its inception and now has various types and models in order to meet the applications where they are inserted. In practice, the engine has stood out a lot and showing better.

Making a thorough study of these motors is possible to see how they have evolved significantly in recent years. Today there are two major types of electric motors that are present in most applications, they are divided into single-phase and three-phase models. Each with its distinctive inner workings.

The operation of the electric motor mro supply best baldors is not difficult to be studied, it will use electromagnetism to make the conversion of electric power and mechanical religion. Today you will find that this engine in elevators, appliances, boats, and other well different vehicles and applications. There are so many purposes that have not always aware of it.

Electric motor to do at home

It will not be difficult to find an electric motor so that you can make at home. This is because the homemade engines are simpler and from the moment you have on hand a correct tutorial to follow and do not miss on the internet for you to learn.

Videos and tutorials are great for you to learn how to make electric motor at home. It’s not hard, and try to have all the necessary parts for it but it is essential for you to be able to make the engine you need. This engine made at home is simpler and more suitable for basic purposes.

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It is cheaper to make the engine at home than anywhere else. But if you need a more powerful engine, it is indicated that you buy a ready, because the home made is more basic and suitable for simple purposes and less complex.

Stepper motor is also an electric motor

The stepper motor is also an electric motor. This electric motor is used when you need to do something with precision, turning or at an exact angle. The stepper motor as its name implies works allowing you to control your spin on small angles. The electric motor spins are controlled by strokes controlled by the electronic circuit to be connected to its input.

The stepper motor windings has more simple, but have four coils that are placed on the stator at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the other.

The electric motor or stepper motor causes the shaft to undergo displacements that are accurate and that an external feedback is not needed made by a device that is placed in the electric motor and this is the characteristic of the open system. stock avalaibke buy now

The open loop is the main characteristic of the electric motor because it allows for rotation and stop at points which are already determined previously.